The Kickdynamic rule builder is a powerful feature that allows you to use on-open recipient context rules based on weather, device, date/time, location to adapt, optimize & update images at the time of open.

You can use the rule builder to create simple rules, or use it's advanced features for more for a fully customizable open time marketing rule engine.

Conditions are used to determine what images or widgets to display based on the context at the time of open. These include Weather, Device, DateTime, Geo, Parameters. Here is a description of each condition:


  • Temp C; temperature range, highs or lows in celsius
  • Temp F; temperature range, highs or lows in Fahrenheit
  • Weather; weather condition including sunny, rainy, snow, foggy, rain, windy, cloudy


  • Device; type of device at open
  • Client; type of email client used at open
  • Reading envornment: Mobile, vs desktop vs webmail


  • DateTime; select a date and time range
  • Date of week; select a day of week
  • Time of day; select a time of day
  • Day of month; select a day of month


  • Country; define what to display based on country of open
  • GeoFence; select a geo fence


  • Parameters; define unique parameter name and value

You can select multiple conditions per rule using the and/or SQL language to edit what you want to rule to do. The rule builder will alert you if the formula of the conditions is incorrect.