URL Parameters enable you to match CRM data to product data in the feed to automate personalization.

Navigate to the campaign section of the platform and create a new campaign or edit an existing one:

If creating a new campaign work through the steps, if using an existing campaign, navigate to the mailing you wish to add the tag to. 

Click on the '+' button and select the Content Automation widget icon:

Add a description for the Tag and select the template you wish to use and click next:

In the 'Href' field click on insert and go into the feed and select the URL field for the product. This will ensures that the click through link will always clicks through to the correct product page. 

Click on the 'Add Condition' option.

From the dropdown list, select the data field from the feed that you want to match the CRM data to:

Select the field you need, in this case that is gender:

in the 'value of' box, insert the name of the parameter; select 'URL'. You can insert a default value here. This means that if no gender is merged in from your ESP then we will use the default value. If this is left blank, the default will be the first item in the feed. 

Please note that the gender merge from your ESP must match the data in the feed.

Click 'Add Condition' again to add a brand preference:

Click next to generate the tag:

In the tag, replace 'value' with the mere code for the column you are merging data from:


When the email is sent, the ESP will merge in the data for each individual's gender and brand preference - automating personalization on a large scale. The latest products will show in the email at every open based on the data merged. 

Add the tag with the merge codes to your HTML.

You can see this in action using this tag:


Copy this into a browser and change the gander value to 'male' or 'female'. You can test with the following brands: 

- Burberry

- Creed

- Clinique

- Aramis

- Valentino