What is a countdown timer?

A countdown timer is an animated gif that is served into the email at the time of open, displaying the exact time remaining until the set end date. 

Countdown timers allow you to accurately display the time remaining until an offer runs out every time the email is opened. Countdown timers are an excellent way to drive urgency within email campaigns and as a result can increase engagements, conversions and drive revenue. Show live countdowns to events such as the beginning of a sale or a product launch.

Are countdown timers customisable?

Yes. Countdown timers are fully customisable in the UI, just upload a background image and create your countdown clock, or select one of the templates provided. We also offer customisations for those wishing to do some something a little bit different. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Do I have to design my own timer?

No. There are a number of templates in your account that you can use. However, if you’d like the countdown timer to match your brand or email, you can create your own timer template. All you need is a background image; you can use this and build the time elements over the top. 

Can I use the timer on my website?

Yes. It is possible to use a Kickdynamic timer on your website. However, it is important to know that each page hit would count as an impression. If you have a high volume of traffic to a page, you may see more impressions than you expected.

Do Countdown Timers work in all inboxes?

No. The countdown timer doesn’t tick in the Outlook app on a Windows machine. The Outlook app doesn’t support animated gifs. We’ll still show the exact time remaining until the timer expires from the point of open, it just won’t tick. Normally the Outlook app on a Windows machine only accounts for a small amount of opens, so it’s not too problematic.

Do they work on mobile?


What happens when the timer gets to zero?

When the countdown reaches zero, it will show 00:00:00:00.Here's an example of an expired timer:

We recommend swapping the expired timer to a different image after it has expired using the rule builder.

Can I change the timer to a different image after it’s expired? 

Yes. In fact, we recommend that you do this. You can set this up in the Rule builder. Click here to find out how to set this up. 

Can a countdown timer be retina?

Yes. Build the timer template double the size you require and then use your HTML to scale it back.

What should I do if only one digit it visible?

If this happens, edit the template, making the time part boxes larger or make the font smaller. The second digit has dropped down onto the line below.

Does it tick indefinitely?

No. All countdown clock will tick down for 30 seconds after an email has been opened. Once the 30 seconds has passed the clock will no longer tick; it will remain static on the last frame. If the recipient closes, and then reopens, the email it will tick for another 30 seconds. It will show the time remaining until expiry at every open. 

Can the timer tick for longer than 30 seconds?

Yes. We can set timers to tick for 70 seconds so that it can countdown through the minute (recipients will see the minute element change). Contact your Account Manager to arrange your template to be set to tick for 70 seconds.

Can a timer count up?

Yes. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to create a 'count up’ timer in the platform. Contact your Account Manager to discuss.

What messaging should I use around the timer in my email?

We suggest using clear messaging to inform recipients what the timer is counting down to. We also recommend positioning a strong call to action close to the timer to prompt action. 

Do you recommend A/B split testing?

Yes. We recommend using A/B split tests to measure the impact of countdown timers within campaigns. Test the creative with and without the timer present to measure the impact the timer has in driving sales. We recommend sending creative without the timer to a minimum 10% control group the to measure performance.