If, after you have created a timer template and campaign, you need to amend the template (even if it is live), it is possible to do so.

Navigate to the Template section of the platform and click on 'Countdown Clocks'. You will now see your countdown clock template library.

Hover over the template you would like to edit. You can either duplicate the template and then edit the duplicate, or you can edit the original template.

Top tip: If the template is being used in other campaigns, we recommend duplicating it before editing. Changes made to the template will not automatically pull through to the campaign. However, if a template is used across multiple campaigns and you edit the original, you will overwrite it, making it difficult to edit the template for any previous campaigns. For that reason we recommend duplicating the template before editing.

Click on the edit icon to edit the template. Make the changes you require and click save. Navigate back to the campaign section of the platform and click on the edit icon:

To pull through the template changes, simply tick the ‘Change Template’ box and select the template you have updated:

Click next and save. The Tag will remain the same, all changes will be pulled into the Tag automatically.