Before creating a campaign, it is necessary to create a template. Click here to find out how to create a content automation template.

Creating the Campaign

Navigate to the campaign section of the platform:

Navigate to the campaign you wish to add Content Automation to, or create a new campaign.

From the dropdown widget menu, click on the Content Automation icon:

Name the campaign and give it a description. Select the template you wish to use:

Click done.

Enter a link to click through to. If the link is in the feed (i.e. the page for the specific product displayed) click on insert, unpack the feed and select the field containing the link.

Top Tip: In this example, we have used a currency feed. We wish to display a specific currency (Euro) which is currently in position one in the feed. However if the position changes, the content may not be accurate. Therefore, it is recommended to add a condition:

CurrencyCode is EUR.

This ensures that only content related to currency code EUR in the feed will be displayed.

Click next to generate the Tag.

Creating Tags for positions

You have now created the ‘master’ tag, showing content from position 1 in the feed. It is not necessary to repeat this process to create multiple tags. Simply add the position into the tag e.g.

Initial Tag:

Position 2:

Position 3: