The Kickdynamic personalised images functionality enables marketers to create images with personalisation on such as names on football shirts or credit cards.

It is possible to create a Personalized image to match any style, brand or design of your choice. To create a branded Personalized image in the Kickdynamic platform, you will need a background image for the design you want to use. Once you’ve designed a the background image you want to use, you can upload it – without the Personalized element - in the template area of the platform. Here’s an example of a Personalized image background image:

Getting Started

To create your own Personalized image templates, navigate to the template section of the platform:

Click on the ‘Personalized Images’ button:

You will now see your Personalised Image library and the option to create a new template.

To create a new template, click ‘+ New Template’. You will now see the Image Template Editor window. Name your template and then click on the white rectangle:

Upon selecting the rectangle in the Image Editor, the Object Inspector information will become visible on the right hand side. Click on ‘Upload Image’ and select the background image you wish to upload.

Click on the background image and using the ‘Layout’ section in the object inspector, determine the size you require the image to be.

Adding Personalization

Once you have determined the image size, click on the ‘Add Personalization’ icon in the editor to add the Personalization elements to the design. It is possible to add multiple Personalization elements into one image; simply add the number of Personalization elements required using the add Personalization button.

Use the ‘Preview Values’ section on the right to populate the Personalized image with an example of the Personalization you wish to use:

Once the Personalization has been added into the image, it is possible to manage the formatting for how the Personalization should look in the template editor. In the Layout section of the editor, the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ values can be used to determine the exact positioning of the Personalization box. The size of the Personalization box can be determined by either dragging the box to the size required, or by using the width and height boxes. In the ‘Font’ section all font formatting and styling can be managed. Using the ‘2D Transforms’ section it is possible to apply a skew, rotate and scale the Personalization. When you are happy with the layout, styling and format, click next.

Top Tip: It is possible to upload a custom font into your account. To do this, navigate to Account > Fonts and then upload the required font. Please note, you can only upload True Type Font (.ttf) files into your account. Upon uploading this font, it will be available across your account for countdown clocks, Personalized images and content automation.

Previewing a personalized image

To preview the Personalized image template that you have created, click on the image editor slider to access the preview:

You will now see the image preview containing the preview text.

Click 'Save Changes' to save the template. It will now be visible in the template area.