It is now time to create a campaign using the template that has been built.

Navigate into the campaigns section of the platform:

Create a new campaign or selected the campaign you wish to build the tag for. Select the Personalized images option from the drop down menu:

Enter a mailing name and click next.

Configure your Personalized image by entering a description and a link for the image to click through to. Any personalized image templates you have created in your account will automatically be visible in the template section of the TAG generator.

Click next. You can upload a fallback image. This is optional.


Click next to move to the configuration stage. Configure the Personalized image tag by selecting the text area you wish to configure and then on the right hand side enter a generic value in the parameter name, for example, if the box is going to be personalized using first name, enter ‘firstname’. Repeat this for each personalization element and then click next.


It is now possible to test your personalized image Tag. Enter an example value into the box on the right-hand size. You will notice that the parameter names entered in the previous step automatically display here. Click test. This generates an example personalized image for the text entered.

Click next to generate the Tag.

Adding the merge code to the Tag

Here's an example of the tag that will be generated:

To complete the Personalized image Tag, it is necessary to ‘merge’ in the Personalization codes from your ESP. The merge codes are the same codes that you would use to add name Personalization into the email content. In this example, the Personalization we are using is first name, so the merge code may look like this:


In this example the first name merge code used is %%firstname%%. Here’s the Tag generated from the platform:

Replace ‘value’ in the tag with the merge code:

Insert the tag into your email html where the image sits.

Top Tip: To see the Personalized Image in action, copy the image pathway into a browser and replace value with your name e.g.: