Twitter Tags automatically display the latest Twitter posts in your email at the moment of open. You can choose to display only your tweets, or you may wish to show replies and retweets.

Navigate to the 'Campaigns' section of the platform:

Navigate to the campaign you wish to add the Twitter Tag to, or create a new campaign.

From the dropdown widget menu, click on the Twitter icon:

Name the campaign, then click next. Add a description in the description box and then click on the template you would like to use:

If you have requested a custom template, it will automatically appear in this section.

Top Tip: Make sure you know the size of the area in your email where you want to add the Tag to. You can then select the best template for the area.

Once you have selected the template you wish to use, click next. You can now define your twitter rule. Simply add your twitter handle into the text box:

If you select Timeline, posts on your timeline will appear in the feed, you can also choose to show replies and retweets. We recommend caution if chosing to show replies to your posts.

If you wish to filter the tweets on your timeline using a specific hashtag, input the hashtag and the handle using the following format in the handle box:

#Hashtag from:TwitterHandle

Insert your chosen hashtag and your twitter handle to pull through tweets that only contain that hastag.

Click next to generate the Tag. Copy and paste the Tag into your HTML where you wish the latest Twitter posts to display.

How to change a template

Navigate to the campaign and mailing that you wish to change the template for. Click on the edit icon. Work through the steps until you reach the template selection option. Click on the template that you wish to use and complete the steps.

The tag will automatically update to apply the new template. To test, copy the image pathway into a browser.