Instagram Tags automatically display the latest Instagram posts in your email at the moment of open. There are a number of template options in the Kickdynamic platform with anything from 1 to 5 posts visible within the one Tag.

Getting Started

Navigate to the campaign section of the platform:

Navigate to the campaign you wish to add the Instagram Tag to, or create a new campaign.

From the dropdown widget menu, click on the Instagram image:

 Work through the steps, naming the campaign and give it a description. Select the Instagram template you wish to use and click next.

You can nowdefine your instagram feed rule. Simple add your Instagram handle into the text box:

Upon selecting your instagram page from the drop down menu, a preview will appear, showing the latest Instagram images from your page:

Click next to generate the Tag:

Copy the image pathway into a browser to view. Here's an example of a Kickdynamic Instagram Tag:

Add the Tag to the HTML to display the latest Instagram posts at every open.