Using the rule builder, it is possible to control the display of different images based upon the weather live at open.

To do this, you must have all of your creatives for your selcted weather condtions ready. These should all be the same dimensions.

Use case:

If it is sunny show:

If it is rainy show:

If it is snowing show:

In Campaigns, create a new tag and select the rule builder widget.

In the rule builder, select the condition editor as Weather. Here you can select the weather condition and command. For example, “Weather is/is not Sunny and save.


The next step is to use the action editor: 

Step one -  select the item to display. In this use case it would be ‘image’.


Step two -  choose the image you want to display:

You can then continue this process and build out the rules selecting different weather options.

 After you have applied your chosen weather conditions to your relevant images, set a default image, for example the below image and save.


This will then generate your tag.