If it is necessary to make changes to the template after the campaign has been created, it is possible to do so, even if the Tag is live in an email that’s already been sent.

Navigate to the Personalised Image template library in the Template section of the platform. Hover over the template you wish to edit and click on the edit icon:

You will now see the template editor. Make the required changes to the template and click 'save changes'.

The changes you have made will not automatically pull through to the tag at this stage. You need to apply the changes to the campaign.

Navigate to the campaign section of the platform and click on the edit button for the campaign you wish to edit:

Click on the edit button for the mailing you wish to change the template for:

The personalised image tag generator window will appear:

Tick the change template box. The template library will now appear. Select the template you have made the changes to:

Click next and proceed through the steps until you have generated the Tag.

The Tag will be the same as the original tag. The template changes will automatically pull through.

To test, copy the image pathway out of the Tag and paste into a browser. You will see the template change has automatically been applied. There is no need to amend the HTML if the Tag has already been edited.