There are a number of countdown clocks templates pre-loaded into your account. You can use these or create a custom clock template. If you want to use a branded countdown clock, you must first create a the template before creating the campaign. Click here to find out how to create a countdown timer template.

If it's your first time using a countdown timer in your email, check out our Countdown Timer Dos and Don'ts page for best practice information and tips.

Getting Started

Navigate to the campaign section of the platform:

Navigate to the campaign you wish to add the timer to, or create a new campaign.

From the dropdown widget menu, click on the countdown timer image:

Name the campaign and give it a description. Select the clock template you wish to use:

Top tip: If you have created your own clock templates they will automatically appear in the clock template area. If you have numerous clock templates, use the search functionality to locate the correct template.

Configure the countdown clock Tag by adding a URL and an end date (the time the clock is counting down to). Make sure to select the correct timezone.

 Clicking on 'Update Preview' will update the timer to show the exact time remaining until the end date. Click 'next' to generate the Tag. Upon clicking ‘done', the Tag will appear in the campaign manager screen.

Changing a template

If, after you have created a campaign, you need to amend a template (even if it is live) it is possible to do so. Make the changes you require to the template. Navigate back to the campaign section of the platform and click on the edit icon:

To pull through the template changes, simply tick the ‘Change Template’ box and select the template you have updated:

Click next and save. The Tag will remain the same, all changes will be pulled into the Tag automatically.