Before you start

Please ensure the images you’d like to use in your live pole are hosted. You will need these when building the template.

Getting started

Navigate to the Template section of the platform, select the ‘polling’ type of template you’d like to create.

Click new template



Name your template

You will now create your first option in the pole. In the answer template navigator, name your first answer


Using the editor on the right, set the dimensions for the canvas size (this will be the for each polling option)


Click on the + sign to add a new block.

In the black editor, paste the hosted image link in the text box & in the editor on the right, change the object type to Image


To make your image true to size, click on the image, and select the top left square icon.

You can then use the editor on the right hand size to command the size of the image and the positioning of it in the template.


To add the text to the polling option, add another block, and in the text box name your polling option. You can also alter the font, size, colour etc here. See how to add custom fonts to your account.


To add the vote display to the image, add a new block. This time you need to connect this block. Do this by clicking on the connect icon on the right hand side of the block.

Choose ‘Content Source’ as the Connect source. You can then unpack the display options and choose the one you wish to use.

Votes: this will count the number of votes for that specific option

votesPercentage: this will show the votes as a decimal number. If you want to show as a progress bar then use this one.

votesPercentageDisplay: Shows the votes as a percentage

totalVotes: This show the total number of votes across all options of the pole.

 You can apply all the same formatting to this block in terms of the font/size etc in the same way as before.


As you are building, you can preview how the image will look by selecting the preview icon.



Once you are happy with how the template looks, add another answer.

Name the answer and update the hosted image.

Duplicate this process for as many answers as you have.


Create a Tag

 Navigate to the campaign section of the platform.

Create or select a certain campaign, hover over the + sign and select the polling widget.



Enter the mailing name, enter the tag name, choose the polling template you’ve created.


Next you can select the URL you want each image to link to, at the next step you will see the individual tags for the polling images.