Instagram Tags automatically display the latest Instagram posts in your email at the moment of open. There are a number of template options in the Kickdynamic platform, however you can also create your own via Content Automation. There is no limit to how many posts can be visable using this method however we would suggest using 3-5 for best results.

Getting Started

Note: Pre-authorisation required. Before you begin, ensure you have connected your Instagram feed in the Accounts section of the platform. Then inform the Kickdynamic team by emailing We will then connect the Instagram account as a data source and let you know when you're good to go! 

Navigate to the Templates section of the platform. 

Navigate to the Content Automation section and select '+ New Template'

Name your template and connect your data source, selecting the Instagram account.

You can now start building out your template, use the '+' icon to build out the blocks, linking up each one to the relevent componant of the Instagram image you wish to display. 

Navigate through the Content Source and select the element you wish import. 

Once you have built out your template, it is possible to duplicate your work to create the impact of tiles. To do this, navigate to the breifcase on the right hand side, here you can alter the template properties. By changing the Repeat Count, you can choose how many images will be displayed within the one template.

When you then preview your template, you will have the view of the duplicated template. 

You are now ready to create a Tag via the Campaign tab, instructions on how to do so are here.