Using a Kickdynamic Social Tag you can automatically pull your latest Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts into your email at the time of open. The UI offers a variety of attractive templates for you to use or if you’d prefer to use your own we can upload custom templates.

Top Tip: Embed social Tags into your lifecycle email to keep email content up-to-date and fresh each time the email is opened. Using a Tag means that your email will always display the latest posts automatically so you can reduce the amount of time and resource it takes to pause and update the content in your lifecycle campaigns. Add Tags to your welcome program, transactional and sales recovery emails!


In the platform you will find a number of templates preloaded into your account for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These templates vary in width, size, style and design. You can use any of these templates as many times as you wish. S you’ll see there are various options for the number of posts you can display from one post up to 4 of the latest posts.

Custom templates

If you’d like a to include a social Tag in your email that’s on brand, Kickdynamic will add a customized template to your account.