What is a Personalized Image?

Personalization is so much more than just a first name greeting. Kickdynamic Tags can be used for rich personalization based on the recipient data. You can enhance the visual impact of your email by using the customer’s name (or other personal information) in a creative way in your images. You could use personalized images in the header image of your email to catch attention, or you could take a more subtle approach to personalization.

Here’s an example of  how you could use a Kickdynamic Tag to automatically Personalize an email header image using the recipient’s first name.

Here’s the Tag:


To personalize the image change value to a first name, for example:


Can images only be personalised with name?

No. Any data that you have in your ESP can be used to personalise an image. This could be name, location, holiday destination, anything!

How does it work?

The Kickdynamic Tag merges data from your database into a layer over your image to produce a Personalized image for each recipient.

Can I use any image?

Yes. It is possible to create a Personalized image to match any style, brand or design of your choice. To create a branded Personalized image in the Kickdynamic platform, simply create a background image for the design you want to use. Once you’ve designed a the background image you want to use, you can upload it – without the Personalized element - in the template area of the platform. Here’s an example of a Personalized image background image: