The Kickdynamic Open Time Marketing Platform.

Kickdynamic is a powerful open time marketing platform that embeds with your current email HTML to display the most contextual, highest converting and up to date content at the time of open.

Context Rule Builder

Use on-open recipient context rules based on weather, device, date/time, location to adapt, optimize & update images at the time of open. Apply images, widgets and use ESP merge parameters in each rule for a fully customisable open time marketing rule engine.


Web To Email
Create live email images from website content at the time of open. Reduce content build-time while keeping email fresh and relevant. Web to Email content can adapt based on recipient location of open, time opened and is fully customisable with CSS editing.

API/Feed/RSS content (one-time setup required)
Create live images from a brand feed to update images at the time of open. Travel, News, TV, Stock level feeds can be plugged into the platform and used to create live images that adapt based on customer context at the time of open.

Nearest Store (one-time setup required)
Display pins over a map of the nearest stores to a customer’s open location. At moment of click open maps and show directions to the customer's exact nearest store using GPS. Track location of open and Long/Lat of click.

Device Targeting
Adapt images based on device used to read email. Tailor the content to specific smartphone vs tablet and desktop email behaviours

Creative Optimizer
Auto-display multiple versions of the same image to a quota of opens and then display the image with the most clicks to the rest of the opens

Weather Aware
Adapt images based on the weather condition at location and moment of open.

Weather Forecast
Display the 3/5/7 weather forecast for the weather at location of open, or weather in travel destination.

Twitter Feed
Display the latest Tweets with specific location and #Tag at the moment of open.

Instagram Feed
Display the latest Instagram images with like and comment number at the moment of open.

Facebook Feed
Display the latest Facebook post with comments at the moment of open.

Countdown Clock
Ticking clock counting down to how long there is left until the end of a sale.

Personalized Image
Personalize an image with recipients first name and other details to stand out if the inbox.

Advanced Analytics
Report how long email was opened, device used and location of open. Track city and country with geo location and long & lat with on-click GPS/

Account tools:

Clock Templates
Fully flexibly editor for creating countdown clock templates. Upload your own background image and apply digit position, steles and skew.

Image Templates
Create a personalized image templates that can be used for mulitple mailings.

Agency Model
Create customers to apply unique merge parameters and for track and billing of individual accounts.