What Social Networks can I create a tag for?

It is possible to show the latest Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Posts in your email.

What advantages are there to showing the latest social media content in an email?

One of the biggest advantages of adding a social Tag to your email is that your latest posts will always show in the email every time it is opened. This saves you time and effort. You no longer have to manually add content to an email mimicing the latest posts, only to ffind they're out of date soon after you've pressed send. Add a Tag to the HTML once and the latest posts will automatically show every time the email is opened keeping your email on trend, in season and up-to-date all year round.

Do I need to design my own template?

No. In the platform you will find a number of templates preloaded into your account for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These templates vary in width, size, style and design. You can use any of these templates as many times as you wish. We have designed these templates to give you various options for the number of posts you can display from one post up to 4 of the latest posts.

Is it possible to have a custom template?

Absolutely. If you’d like a to include a social Tag in your email that’s on brand, Kickdynamic will add a customized template to your account. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss.