The latest update of the Kickdynamic platform sees the launch of progress and tracker bars. It is now possible to generate personalised status trackers based on content merged into the kickdynamic tag. This functionality is perfect for real-time loyalty updates and is a strong way to encourage users to make additional purchases and bookings. 

Progress trackers can work in two ways. 

  1. Powered by an API 
  2. Powered by data merged from ESP into the tag

If you have an API that, when called with a unique identifier, returns customer data pertaining to loyalty points, funds raised or amount spent - that's great. This type of API is perfect to be leveraged for live status trackers. 

Alternatively, if you send a weekly loyalty email, you can now fully peronalize the content to each individual recipient based on their exact information stored in your ESP. Similar to a personalized image, the content is passed to Kickdynamic in the tag. Kickdynamic then generates a personalized status tracker based on that information. Leveraging the power of Kickdynamic's image generation capabilities and visbility rules you can create a dynamic personalized image for each and every recipeint. 

This functionality is perfect for:

  • Retail loyalty programs
  • Charity fundraising progress
  • Travel/loyalty programs
  • Gym/Exercise/Milage/Step trackers
If you have a loyalty scheme with multiple tiers, where customers move between tiers based on points/spend/nights stayed etc, you only need to create one template in kickdynamic. Using the visibility rules and the data, Kickdynamic will display the correct version of the image for the tier with each recipeints individual information included in that image.