Using the rule builder, it is possible to swap to a different image once a countdown timer has reached the end of it’s countdown.

To do this, setup the countdown clock template as required. In the campaign section of the platform, create a countdown clock Tag (you need to generate a Tag to be able to apply the timer in the rule builder).

Once you’ve got the timer Tag setup, create a new Rule Tag.

Use case: Show the countdown clock on or before the expiry time, after the clock has reached zero, show a different image.

In the rule builder select the DateTime condition from the drop down. Select the ‘is on or before’ operator option. Then click on the insert value box. The calendar will then appear. Set this to the same end date as the countdown clock. Make sure to select the correct timezone from the dropdown. Click done and then hit save.

Next, click on the edit action option. Select the countdown clock widget and click next.

You are now able to select the countdown clock you wish to use, click save. You have now created the first part of the rule.

Note: You cannot apply a URL to the countdown clock in the rule. To change the URL for the timer, navigate into the actual countdown timer Tag and edit the href. Regenerate the tag by completing the setup steps. The changes will automatically pull through into the rule Tag.

Adding an AFTER image

You can now upload an ‘after’ (or default) image that will display to anybody opening after the expiry time. To upload the image, click on ‘edit action’ in the second rule. Click on the ‘Image’ option and click next.

Click on ‘Choose image’ to launch the image uploader. Select the image you want to upload and then insert a URL into the href box.

Click Save.

Click next to generate the Tag.

NOTE: When adding the Tag to the HTML, you should use the rule Tag, not the countdown clock Tag.

Top Tip: You can take image swapping further to show a timer with days, hours, minutes and seconds and then when the countdown gets closer to the expiry time, swap it to show a timer that shows only hours, minutes, seconds.