The Kickdynamic TAG is a url and image path very similar to static email HTML paths. The TAG looks like the following (this is a countdown clock TAG but all TAGs are in this format):


The image:

The img src component of the TAG is the image, and the the part that does the magic.

Example image link:

The image can adapt, optimise and update at the moment it is being viewed in an email message in the inbox.

The link:

The href component of the TAG is the link/URL and is used by Kickdynamic to do the following:

- Direct clicks to different landing pages based on the open
- Track product clicks
- Deep link to the app or app store 


Your analytics tracking parameters associated with links such as Google analytics or native ESP tracking, although not visible, still work as normal and should be added as part of the TAG setup. Your tracking can be appended to the end of the tagin the HTML.

Kickdynamic tracks all opens and clicks of the Tag and this can be seen in the reports section.

Where to add the TAG:

The Kickdynamic TAG is added to the HTML in same way a static image is added. When building a open time email HTML with Kickdynamic Tags, we recommend using placeholder images that are then replaced with the Kickdynamic image. Find out more here.

Merge parameters:

Data can be 'merged' into the Tag to track individual opens and clicks and to personalize the image at the time of open.

To merge data such as gender, category, preference or first name into the image component of the Tag you will need the merge codes from your ESP.