Data can be 'merged' into the Tag to track individual opens and clicks and to personalise the image at the time of open.

Individual tracking - to track the email address of the recipient that opens or clicks on the image, you can merge the email address into the Tag. To do this, add the merge code for email address from your ESP. In this example, the merge code we are using is %%emailaddressmerge%%.

To add the merge code into the link, add '&m=%%emailaddressmerge%%' to the end of the href link. e.g.

<a href="">

Please ask your ESP to find our what merge code to use.

If you would like all Tags created in your account to automatically contain an email merge, please contact your Account Manager. Make sure to include the merge code from your ESP.

To merge data such as gender, or first name into the image component of the Tag please use the rule builder unique parameter condition. Learn how to do this advanced open time technique with the rule builder guide.