Utilizing the widgets in platform, marketers can quickly and efficiently personalize and automate email content. The platform features rich finctionalisy with a host of widgets available for use.

Content Automation

Using the sophisticated live-feed product you can take content from you website, product or social feeds and turn it into live email images that update at the moment email is opened - with no customization or coding.

  • Show live how many products are left in stock
  • Bring in the new in products matched to your customers preferences
  • Display live gambling odds
  • Show live hotel and flight pricing as it updates
  • Publish the live sports score as the game is happening
  • Rotate and show user generated Instagram images

All managed directly in the Kickdynamic interface, with no customization or coding.

Images are now never out of date and you can build content faster.

  • No screen shots
  • Retina images as standard
  • Perfectly styled to your brand - in any format
  • Setup once and updated form your content at every open

Perfect for keeping lifecycle email seasonal, on-trend and social

Contextual Rule Builder

The contextual rule builder enables you to define contextual rules based on weather, device, date/time and geolocation. Set rules that follow logic to perform certain actions like displaying mobile only content on mobile devices or hiding mobile content on a device that is anything else but mobile. You can also use the rule builder to set contextual rules based on weather such as if the weather is sunny at the location of open display summer products, if it is raining at location of open display products relevant to rain.

This sophisticated widget makes writing rules easy, combine as many rules as you need to display sophisticated, contextually relevant content at the time of open.

Web to Email (advanced)

Pull live content directly from a page on your website into your email at the time of open such as new in products, stock level information, last chance to buy, latest news. Quickly create a tag and embed it into your email html and we will show live content from your website in your email at the moment of open.

Nearest Store (advanced)

Show the nearest stores on a map based on the location (Geo IP) of the recipient at the time of open. When they click on the map they’ll get personalized directions from their location to your door powered by GPS. This functionality quite literally drives footfall into your bricks and mortar store.

GeoIP locates the geographic location of a computer or device by identifying that device's IP address.

Weather Forecast (advanced)

Display live forecasts at a destination or location such as showing weather at destination for holidaymakers.

Social Feeds

Automatically pull your latest Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts into your email at the time of open. The UI offers a variety of attractive templates for you to use or if you’d prefer to use your own we can upload custom templates.

Timed Images, Countdown & Count Up Timers

Show live countdowns to events such as the beginning of a sale, a product launch or a flight departure. Countdown timers are fully customizable in the UI, just upload a background image and create your countdown clock, or select on of the existing templates provided. We also offer customizations for those wishing to do some something a little bit different, such as number of flights this month or number of seats sold to an event.

Weather Aware

Automatically display relevant images based on weather at the time and location of the email open. For example, if a customer opens the email and the weather at the location of open is raining they may see coats and umbrellas, if another customer opens the same email in a location where it is sunny they may see t-shirts and sunglasses. If the email recipient re-opens the same email from a different location and the context (weather at that location) has changed they will see content that meets the new weather criteria.

Image Optimizer

Wave goodbye to lengthy A/B testing with our Image Optimizer. Test multiple images and automatically display the highest converting image. Genius? We think so. Image optimization allows you to optimize multiple images and then automatically display the image that has the highest CTO. The Tag can be created in the platform and the results are live displaying the image that has the highest clicks.

Device Targeting

Automatically change email content at the point of open based on the device being used. We know you’re thinking about responsive but this is much more than responsive email design. The Kickdynamic tags actually register the operating system and device used to view the email allowing us to display content that is only relevant to that device. For example if you want to encourage email recipients to download your app you can use the device targeter functionality to show an option to download the iPhone app, Android users would see the android specific app information and anybody on a desktop might not see that content at all because it’s not relevant.

Personalized Images

Overlay a recipient's name or other dynamic attribute onto an image within your email. We don’t just stop at putting names on things. We can overlay pretty much anything over a background image for example it could be a name on a bank card, a live loyalty card balance shown on a loyalty card, the city you’re in when you open the email or a name on the back of a footy shirt. Personalise images in your email to your recipient.

Analytics (advanced)

Email is one of the most rewarding marketing channels when it comes to tracking and analytics. The Kickdynamic analytics tool provides marketers with the right data and information to make informed decisions to strategically plan future campaigns to deliver the maximum ROI possible.